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Welcome to Makeitso Abyssinian and Somali Cats

Abyssinians and Somalis are a medium sized cat of a lithe muscular build, foreign in type.   They are exactly the same cat in type and temperament, the only difference is the length of coat.  In the worldwide pedigree cat registration organisations of TICA and FIFe they fall in the same breed group and share the same standard of points.

We owned our first Somali in 1995 and were so pleased to have found a longhaired cat that required little grooming.  We were so smitten by these beautiful cats we decided to start showing and then breeding, Our first litter was born in 1997.   We registered our prefix 'Makeitso' with the GCCF and since then this has also been registered in FIFe and TICA.  Makeitso, pronounced 'Make it so' comes from a phrase used in the Star Trek series 'The Next Generation'.

Our last litter of kittens was born in December 2009 and In 2010 we decided to take a rest from breeding the cats.  Our five remaining Somalis and Abyssinians are now all neutered.  After neutering, our stud cat, Mojave's Fantom has now settled into living in the house and gets on well with all the cats, they all seem to enjoy the quieter life of being neutered.  

We are still committed to these wonderful breeds and like to go to the occasional show.  You can find out about all previous and current
show success on the 'cats' page.

Uhura and Deanna

Pictured here is our own bred Makeitso Uhura (left) with her mother Wildroad's Deanna Troi (right).  Uhura has gained the title of Supreme Grand Champion Alter in TICA.   Previous TICA show success during the 08/09 show year in TICA as 10th Best Somali in the world and Best of Breed Somali Adult EN Region, she was also Best Somali Adult in the EW region during 09/10 show year.  

Since her TICA success we have been showing in the GCCF where Uhura has gained her Grand  Premier title.  At the Herts & Middx at the beginning of September 2011 she was voted Best in Show Semi-longhair Neuter and Best of Variety Semi-longhair.  She was in the final two for Overall best in show but was pipped to the post

We have also taken our fawn Abyssinian, Makeitso Vanilla Sky, to some GCCF shows and she now has the title of Premier in the GCCF to add to her Double Grand Champion title in TICA.  

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More about the Breed

The Somali originated in the United States and was the result of long-haired kittens seen in the litters of Abyssinians.  Introduced to Britain in 1981 is generally accepted throughout the world as an 'Abyssinian in an Overcoat'.  The Somali has a medium length coat soft and silky, one to three inches long which requires little grooming.  The fur is shorter across the shoulders, the tail fluffy and full and their feet have tufts between the toes. The Somali has a very easy coat to care for, very rarely does it tangle or matt.   

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known pedigree cat and pedigrees records date back to the early 1900s.  It has a short, close lying coat which for the most part is fairly low maintenance.  Often the only grooming required is a good hand rub !

Both have an agouti, or ticked, coat with bands of colour on each hair. Their almond shaped eyes range in colour from intense green to rich copper. 

and Somalis are intelligent and playful cats who thrive on human and/or feline company. They love to play, at which time they run through the house, tossing balls or toys in the air and then fetch them back to start the game anew. Another favourite pastime is helping, whether it be gardening or reading the newspaper! They are very adept at opening doors and love to play with water. They tend to hold their tails high as they run to greet you and they communicate through soft mews and a charming trill.

There are 28 colours of Somalis and Abyssinians  - usual (ruddy), sorrel, chocolate, blue, fawn, lilac, red and cream. These colours can also be with a silver base coat and tortie.  A more detailed description of coat colours can be found in the Show Standard link.

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